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Trust Board 

Mulberry Schools Trust is governed by a skilled Board of Trustees. Under the scheme of delegation the Board is responsible for the vision and strategic direction of the Trust, its financial strategy and efficiency, the appointment of all governors (except staff and parent governors) and the overall performance of Trust schools.

The Members

The Trust is overseen by five Company Members (the Members), who have the power to appoint and remove trustees. They are responsible for upholding the values and ethos of the Mulberry Schools Trust. You can read more about their role here.

The Trust Board

The Trust Board is composed of eleven trustees, nominated and appointed by the Members based on the skills they bring to the Board. Skills include: finance, accountancy, human resources; project management, personnel; estates; education; business leadership; audit and risk; recruitment and talent management, and law. 

Co-opted Trustees

Trustees may co-opt a trustee to fill a skills gap for a temporary period, as permitted within the Articles of Association. The Mulberry Schools Trust does not have any co-opted trustees at present.

Training and Board Development

On appointment, trustees receive extensive information and attend an induction on the Trust as well as their role and responsibilities for governance. During the year, trustees are offered training – both face to face and online – by the Mulberry Schools Trust. There is a regular skills audit and a Board development programme with a strategic away-day each year.