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The Trust Board retains close oversight by appointing a range of committees to take responsibility for different areas of work. As well as these committees, each of the schools has its own governing committee, known as a Local Governing Body (LGB). The powers of the Trust Board, its committees and the LGBs and the authority that is delegated to each one are clearly set out in the Trust’s scheme of delegation.

The Trust Board meets four times per year to discuss matters of performance, finance, audit, quality of education and growth. Meetings of the committees and LGBs report in to the Trust Board meeting each term.

The Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee is comprised of trustees with financial and resource expertise. It meets three times a year to consider matters of finance, audit premises and estate, assets, HR and business development. There is a separate audit committee that is called as required. 

The Standards Committee:

The Board’s Standards Committee is comprised of trustees with education expertise. It meets three times a year to consider strategy, school improvement and matters relating to the overarching quality of education, performance of schools and experience of learners within the Trust. There is a separate pay and appraisal committee that is called once a year to consider teachers’ performance related pay and the quality of appraisal.

Local Governing Bodies:

Each school has a LGB responsible for the oversight of that school and the implementation of the Trust’s policies and strategy. The LGB is chaired by a trustee so that information flows consistently between the Board and the LGB. You can read more about the LGB of each school and their work by clicking on the individual schools’ websites.