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Central Services 

All schools in the Trust benefit from the expertise within a small executive support staff team that provides central services for schools. The team is led by the Chief Operating Officer (COO), who has specialist knowledge in finance and accountancy and reports to the CEO. The key central support services supplied by the Trust are: 

Finance, Procurement, Accountancy, Audit and Risk Management – led by Chief Operating Officer  (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Support includes:

  • Overseeing the schools’ small team of business managers and finance directors.
  • Ensuring there is a common computerised accountancy system that provides the necessary statutory returns as well as providing high quality financial monitoring.
  • Taking responsibility for the Trust Board’s and the upkeep of each school’s risk register.

Executive Projects, Governance and External Relations – led by Director of Governance and Development and Director of Marketing, Communications and External Relations

Support includes:

  • Serving as Company Secretary for the Trust
  • Overseeing all executive projects organized in the CEO’s office.
  • Internal and external communications.
  • Marketing of the Trust
  • Servicing the Trust Board’s Standards Committee and the Appointments Committee
  • Growth and development of the Trust

Information Systems, ICT Services and Resources and Data Handling – led by Director of Information Systems

Support includes:

  • Overseeing all information and data systems across the Trust
  • Assuring the accuracy of the Trust’s data analysis of organisational performance and quality assuring that of all schools within the Mulberry Schools Trust.

Human Resources, Training, Performance Management and Appraisal – led by HR consultant

Support includes:

  • Updating personnel and HR policies.
  • Developing systems and processes to ensure that the pay and conditions currently in operation at Mulberry School for Girls are rolled out across the Trust.
  • Assisting the Personnel Officer at each of the schools with day to day operations.

Estates, Health and Safety and Capital Development Projects – led by Director of Estates

Support includes:

  • Leading health and safety matters on each site and ensures that site managers and principals are supported in their work to assure safety for all staff and students.
  • Leading all capital works projects, including oversight of work carried out under contract through the EFA or other government funded site development work.
  • Supporting day-to-day operations of each schools’ Site Manager.
  • Developing central management system for control, management and upkeep of all buildings.